Power Flushing in Warrington

Power flushing is recommended every time a boiler is installed by the boiler manufacturer. This gives the maximum potential of your boiler. If you struggle to get heat from all of your radiators when they are hot at the top but not at the bottom, this is due to a build-up of sludge in your radiators and pipework; this can cause your boiler to completely break.

Eventually as the blockage works its way into the heat exchanger and most of the time you need to get a new boiler to fix this problem. So to avoid the expense of supplying and fitting a new boiler a power flush is the perfect solution. When we provide power flushes in Warrington we provide a free boiler filter to catch any sludge that will be created in the future making sure this problem never happens again.

For a power flush to be done we have to connect our magna cleanse to the return pipe on your boiler then turn one radiator off at a time using a rubber mallet to then hit the radiators to move the sludge inside all of them.
The sludge then runs to the magna cleanse on the return pipe and is then caught by a magnet before returning to the boiler so no sludge will go into the heat exchanger on the boiler this is done with every radiator then a cleaner and inhibitor is used to protect the central heating system and a new filter is fitted to the boiler to catch any future rust and is recommended to be cleaned every year when the boiler is serviced.


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